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Director – Donn Newquist

Donn Newquist

I grew up in Dawson county and went to school in Sumner Eddyville Miller. After graduation I attended school in Lincoln at UN/L and got a degree in American History. I taught school for 35 years in Nebraska, Arizona, Georgia, and back to Nebraska. In all the years of teaching I only got to teach history for five years so my love of history became my avocation. No matter where I have lived or traveled I have always relished studying the history around me either through books or discussions with the old timers of the area. Living in Dawson county the last 11 years and being on the DCHS board has given me a lot appreciation for the history that is around us here in central Nebraska. A little known fact about me is I have three college degrees all from the University of Nebraska. History from UN/L, Reading from UN/O, Counseling from UN/K. I am a product of the University of Nebraska system.


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