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Director – Shail Kumar


I was born in Kanpur (U.P.) India. I grew up with my maternal grandparents who lived in Kanpur. Then when I was 12 I moved to Meerut to live with my parents. My dad was studying at George Town University Hospital in Washington D.C. so my mom & I came to join him in 1957 and stayed till 1959. During that time I went to school in D.C.

After I got married I migrated to USA in 1976. I lived in Gilford N.H. till 1993 when I moved to Nebraska. I have 3 kids 2 daughters Rupali & Sonali and a son Anchal. I also have a grandson Chandan Atticus.

I have always enjoyed being involved in community. While in N.H I started a PTO for our school district K-12, also I started an Indian Association there too. So when I moved to Lexington I got involved At DCHS with art council and later when an opportunity presented I Came on the board in 2007. I love what we are doing here. Hope to be part of the museum for a long time.

In Lexington I own a Book store Kitabee Books, I enjoy the community and the town.


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