Museum Projects

Currently the Dawson County Museum is working to complete the “Mainstreet” Exhibit.  Mainstreet has been an area in the museum’s new addition that is slowly morphing into a home and business display.  The museum staff has been working to add new exhibits, such as Plectron, and revitalize old exhibits, such as the KRVN Radio Station.  Currently our Display Designer, Cheri Bergman, is working hard to complete a Hotel and Barber Shop exhibit.  

In 2019-20 we were able to complete the Beauty Shop and the Dr. Office (which will have a new addition in the near future).

We have plans to include a Photography Studio, General Store, and Millinery/Taylor Shop to our Mainstreet as well.  It takes a lot of work and research to put together an exhibit but we’ve come a long way in the 7 years we’ve been working on “Mainstreet”.   (As you can see in the pictures below)

If there is a certain area you would like to help with please let us know.  Our contract information is on the right.

Donations are always welcomed and appreciated!